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The hard work has been done by us. Only the top 1/% of dentists are credentialed & contracted. All dentists are strictly monitored and work verified. Don't settle for the cheapest.

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Only the best dentists are recruited from the Top Universities in Mexico who further perfect their craft by attending credentialed Institutions throughout the world discovering cutting edge technology & procedures

Amexus Dental PPO

Here at Amexus, we are dedicated to patient safety, quality of dental work, & reducing costs for both our clients & their members alike

We've been around for over 22 years making us the oldest and most trusted Network in Mexico. . But, our most important landmark is our impressive life-long customers. 



  • An experienced dental organization with over 22 years experience
  • Single payer system
  • Zero monthly Access fee
  • Zero mistake policy
  • Fixed Fee Schedule 50% t0 60% below USA fees
  • Zero Fraudulent policy
  • Patient Safety
  • Only Network in Mexico with Mal-Practice Insurance Policies
  • An experienced team of dental professionals highly trained & focused
  • The Amexus System designed to coordinate activity between GD's and Specialists



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  • Zero monthly Access Fee
  • Fixed fee schedule 50% to 60% savings
  • Turn key operation provides immediate access to entire Board Certified Network
  • Process all EDI claims for Network
  • Single payer system
  • Quality review of treatment plans prior to starting treatment
  • Quality Assurance Audits zero mistake policy
  • Peace of mind



First issue
is that American payers are seeing an increase in the number of claims coming out of Mexico from non-credentialed cheap dentists at an alarming rate with the fees equal or greater than their American counterparts, up to (350%) greater. These dentists do not have to comply with the American Dental Association (ADA).
guidelines; show proof of having attended an accredited university; their work is not monitored or verified, coupled with not being held accountable for the quality of the work. These unmonitored dentists are responsible for 100% of all fraudulent claims AND over billing. This translates into millions of
dollars paid out for unnecessary dental work.


Second issue
is the upward trend of insured American workers traveling to Mexico for dental procedures, which increases the amount of cross border fraudulent claims and abusive practices.  Most Americans traveling to Mexico for dental procedures do so because of the inflated fees U.S. dentists charge, compounded with the common practice in the U.S of up-selling their treatment plans which often include recommending unnecessary procedures that are not covered by U.S. dental plans. This in turn increases the out-of-pocket expense for the members while lining the pocketbooks of the U.S. dentists. 
Third issue
is the common practice of over-billing for procedures never performed (fraudulent claims), as well as waiving deductibles or copayments by these non-credentialed dentists. These common practices has lured the American worker, resulting in higher utilization. What these workers don’t realize is that in order to make up for this revenue loss, the dentists must inflate it’s fees charged to the U.S. Payer consequently reducing greatly their annual benefit maximums. This translates into millions of dollars paid out for unnecessary dental work, robbing their patients of their benefit dollar.



A large portion of the over billing problem comes from the billing agencies that these non-credentialed dentists use.  These third party billers, on behalf of the non-credentialed dental providers, code and submit the claims in approved American Dental Association (ADA) forms and formats.  In return for this service, the third party billing agency retains a percentage of the payment collected from the insurance companies.  Although these third party billers know the applicable fees, they increase them to include their commission which are then applied to the claim, rather than using the Mexican fee. This abusive billing behavior is costing insurance companies millions of dollars every year, robbing their members of the benefit dollar.


High costs of dentistry in the U.S is making dentistry unaffordable for most Americans, often opting not to utilize the employer’s sponsored dental plans in the U.S. The high fees charged by the U.S. dentists result in higher out-of–pocket expense for the employee and their dependents, which in turn defers a much needed dental work, and leads to further health issues that require costlier replacement dentistry.  The impact to employers is two-fold: wasted revenue on untouched benefits by those choosing not to use the plan, and dissatisfied employees who have utilized the plan at a great cost to their personal budgets. The employees are left with the options of neglecting their teeth all together, which has major social and health implications, or going across the border to Mexico for relief.