The Solution

Amexus is a transnational PPO company that offers American Payers and their clients protection against fraudulent claims, over billing, quality assurance, and patient health protection for their American workforce as an option to the existing Stateside PPO networks.  Employees opting for Amexus, receive high quality, low cost dental services from Providers in Mexico.  Amexus is unique in that it addresses each of the problems above to satisfy the demands of our rapidly growing Hispanic market as well as Americans who desire to be treated in Mexico. The Amexus solutions include:

​ a. Amexus reduced fee schedule reduces the out-of-pocket expense to the employee
b. Amexus transmits all claims properly coded utilizing the ADA CDT coding
c. Amexus providers offer evening, weekend and holiday appointments
d. All Amexus providers are fluent in English and Spanish
e. Amexus providers complete as many dental procedures as possible during each visit.  Less time off from work, greater convenience.
f. Amexus providers will schedule up to four family members on the same visit. 

​ Amexus offers American Payers the opportunity to assist these increasingly valuable members by allowing them to receive their dental services in Mexico.  Amexus services are provided by highly skilled bilingual, bicultural dentists in modern, clean, state-of-the-art equipped facilities located throughout Mexico. All participating health professionals have a current malpractice Insurance Policy unique only to our offices. The common Mexican dentist is not required by law in Mexico to have a malpractice Policy.

The Value

​ By offering Amexus as an option to an existing stateside dental networks, employees are allowed the luxury of choosing to be treated either stateside or in Mexico. Employees electing an Amexus participating dental professional receive high quality, low cost, comprehensive dental service. American Payers are discovering that offering employees the Amexus option of receiving their dental care in Mexico typically reduces the costs by 50%-65% by providing those same employees with significant out-of-pocket savings.  Additionally, employers could expect lower renewal rates and higher levels of employee satisfaction. One of the main reasons for such high satisfaction levels is the way Amexus combines the quality standards of American‑style managed dental care with the warm, patient-friendly services inherent in the Amexus Mexican provider network.

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